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Human Resources


Current Code for Affirmative Action

Gujarat NRE Coke's employment policy

Current Code for Affirmative Action

1. Gujarat NRE Coke affirms the recognition that its competitiveness is interlinked with the well being of all sections of the Indian society.

2. The company believes that equal opportunity in employment for all sections of the society is a component of its growth and competitiveness. It further believes that inclusive growth is a component of growth and development of itself as well as the country.

3. Gujarat NRE Coke firmly believes that diversity to reflect socially disadvantaged sections of the society in the workplace has a positive impact on business.

4. Gujarat NRE Coke does not and will not practice or support conscious discrimination in any form in any of its dealings.

5. Gujarat NRE Coke is an "equal opportunity" practitioner and does not bias employment away from applicants belonging to disadvantaged sections of society if such applicants possess competitive skills and job credentials made public.

6. The company's selection of business partners is not based on any considerations other than normal business parameters. In case of equal business offers, the company will select a business partner belonging to a disadvantaged section of society.

7. This document is the company's written affirmative action policy for the workplace.

8. Gujarat NRE Coke employment policy is in the public domain. Such policies and information about employment opportunities will be on its website to encourage applications from socially disadvantaged sections.

9. The company makes continuous efforts for up-skilling and continual training of all its employees, including those from the socially disadvantaged sections so as to increase their capabilities and competitive skills.

10. The company has a partnership programme with educational institutions to support and aid students from socially disadvantaged sections of society.

11. The company has a responsible executive, namely, Mr Sutirtha Roy accountable to the Chairman & Managing Director to oversee and promote its Affirmative Action policies and programmes. The executive will present bi-annual reports to the Board of Directors of the Company about such policies and programmes.

12. All Affirmative actions are to be well documented with proper maintenance of relevant records.

13. Gujarat NRE Coke's learning and experiences in the field of Affirmative Action will be made available for sharing by other Corporates desiring to incorporate such policies in their businesses.

Gujarat NRE Coke's employment policy

1. Gujarat NRE Coke is an "Equal Opportunity" Employer and does not believe in discriminating in any form, based on caste, creed, sex, religion or colour of skin. Our employees, the company feels, are members of the NRE family where all else is secondary.

2. .The company believes in attracting the brightest talents and ensuring their continuous growth and development for all round development.

3. Gujarat NRE Coke encourages the employment of physically or socially disadvantaged persons in as much that in case of candidates of equal talents, the person with the disadvantage will be given a preference.

4. The company affirms that its employment policy is in tune with and is in conjunction with all the applicable laws of the land.

5. Gujarat NRE's employment policy is also drawn keeping in view the need of corporates to embrace "inclusive growth". Therefore as a policy, the company is keen to attract competent and qualified sons of the soil and other candidates from the vicinity of the areas in which the company operates.

At Gujarat NRE Coke, we believe the quality of human resource directly affects the performance and profitability of its business.

In our organization, we are proud to possess one of the most technically competent and knowledgeable pool of people resources within our industry in India. This has translated into a number of achievements:

Macro: Gujarat NRE Coke has been able to grow at an aggressive pace – more than three-fold during the last five years. Gujarat NRE Coke has emerged as the largest non-captive manufacturer of metallurgical coke in India.

Micro: A consistent improvement in the process flow, improved productivity, higher capacity utilization, reduction in the production cost, and better customer servicing.

Besides, the strength of its human ability has provided a competitive edge to the company: a reduction in the capital employed per tonne of capacity – from Rs. 2660 per tonne in 1999-2000 to Rs.2260 per tonne in 2002-03. As a result of its resident knowledge pool, the company has been able to set up its green-field unit at Bhachau at a third of the cost for a similar sized project.

This sustainable progress is the result of a member-management relationship of mutual respect. The company is a fair employer, confirming with progressive human resource practices that extend well beyond statutory benchmarks. These practices comprise:

      Remunerating its employees at higher than industry standards.

      Providing safety gear to all employees.

      Providing uniforms to all employees.

      Providing subsidized meals to its employees at the plant site.

      Providing free accommodation and transport facilities to its employees.

      Providing for recreational facilities at the resident colonies for its employees.

      Making a provision for a resident doctor at the plant site for any unforeseen incident.

      Conducting training programme for all employees on health, safety and operation skills, accompanied by mock drills.

      Encouraging employee feedback on improvement in operations and also in the implementation of strategies.

      Celebrating company achievements with employees, increasing their bonding with the company.

This long standing relationship has allowed the company to grow at an exponential rate of 58.29 percent CAGR over the last four years, without a corresponding increase in the employee strength. This achievement has been without a single day’s disruption in operations due to employee issues.

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